A new way to support JMM!

JMM has launched a t-shirt drive celebrating the latest research on animal communication.  Dear WayneCounty.info, Sometimes, your dog is the only one who seems to really listen to you — and with new studies and videos of dogs pressing buttons…

A Magic Show at MRL!

July 16 at 2:00 pm | Free and open to the public! Magic Show with Austin Haus Saturday, July 16, 2 – 3 pm For all ages! Location: Bard Room – Come early for the best seats! Austin Haus is from Hagerstown Indiana…

Cleaning Water Tank

Alert from Town of Fountain City: Cleaning Water Tank Date: Jul 12, 2022 The water tower has been cleaned and is filling back up now. If you experience any interruption in service or pressure, it will return shortly.

Pit Run Gravel

Alert from Town of Fountain City: Pit Run Gravel Date: Jul 01, 2022 The town has free pit run gravel for pick-up. It is what was dug out of the trenches when they re-paved. Anyone that is interested please call…

Trash Pick-Up

Alert from Town of Fountain City: Trash Pick-Up Date: Jul 01, 2022 Due to the 4th of July being on Monday, next week’s trash pick-up will be on Wednesday July 6th.