Important Public Announcement

Important Public Announcement from the Office of Sheriff Randy Retter, Wayne County Sheriff's Office   Subject: Clarification Regarding Recent Media Reports of Potential Threat   Attention Residents of Wayne County   Recent local media coverage has stirred concerns about a potential terrorist threat in our community. As your Sheriff, I aim to address these reports directly and provide you with accurate information for peace of mind.   Clarification: Contrary to recent headlines suggesting an imminent terrorist attack, we are presently not aware of any credible information or evidence indicating an immediate threat to public safety in Wayne County.   Informed and Prepared: I recently attended the National Sheriff's Association conference, where I engaged in extensive training sessions, including presentations focusing on current global dynamics and their potential impact on local communities.  Additionally, we receive regular communications and timely updates on local, state, and national threats to ensure the women and men of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office are best prepared to address what may affect our Wayne County community.   Global Context: It is essential to acknowledge that recent conflicts, such as those in Israel, have contributed to heightened tensions and increased hostility towards the United States. However, there is no known specific threat targeting Wayne County at this time.   Remain Vigilant: I urge all citizens to remain vigilant and observant of their surroundings. Adhering to the principle of "If you see something, say something" is crucial. Your active participation and timely reporting are instrumental in safeguarding our community.   Community Partnership: Together, we can uphold the safety and security of Wayne County. By fostering a strong partnership between law enforcement and the community, we can effectively address any potential threats and maintain the peace and well-being of our neighborhoods.   Report Suspicious Activity: Should you encounter any suspicious behavior or activities, please do not hesitate to contact the Wayne County Sheriff's Office immediately. Your swift reporting can help prevent any potential threats from materializing.   Stay Informed: For ongoing updates and information, follow our official social media channels and visit our website regularly.   Let us stand united and vigilant against any potential threats to the safety of our beloved Wayne County.   Thank you for your attention and cooperation.   Sheriff Randy Retter Wayne County Sheriff's Office