Donut let slick conditions ruin your day!

Whoever said donuts can’t help us explain the weather? You’ve seen it all over the news! Freezing rain or sleet… but what’s the difference? Well, maybe we can help!

Driving on glazed roads are a little different than ones with powder sugar…Okay, okay… we’re done now!

There are a few things that you can do to make driving on icy roads a little safer! Leave early enough to gain extra time during your commute. Drive slower and with caution. Roadways may look wet, but it could be ice. Drivers will need to accelerate and brake gently. Drive particularly slowly on curves where losing control is more likely. When approaching the curve, brake progressively on the straightaway before reaching the curve and avoid any sudden actions. And don’t become overconfident as road conditions can change quickly.

Our objective is your safety. Donut let slick conditions ruin your day!