JMM Highlights of 2023 🎉

Steph Lane (’24) leads a “Walking Rainbow” science activity with JMM summer campers.    


Throughout 2023, the Joseph Moore Museum has been bustling with new research, public events, and community outreach. Check out this year’s highlights in our latest annual newsletter!  
In this issue, you’ll discover:

  • New campus collaborations
  • A transformed lobby and gift shop
  • Event highlights
  • A senior spotlight
  • The latest research in our collections
  • Our upcoming GRAND Open House
  • and Moore!

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Save the date: March 2nd
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Don’t miss our Grand Open House! 

Join us Saturday, March 2nd, to celebrate Joseph Moore’s leap-year birthday. Go behind-the-scenes into our scientific and cultural collections rooms. New, hands-on STEAM stations will be spread throughout the museum for friends and families of all ages to enjoy! 

Do you wish to support hands-on learning about nature and science? How about student research and professional development?

A donation to the Joseph Moore Museum supports this and more. Your donation ensures that the JMM remains FREE to all visitors. 

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Office of Institutional Advancement
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If you would like your donation to count towards the 2023 tax year, please make sure credit card donations are processed by Dec. 31, 2023. To learn more about becoming a donor or sustaining member, please reach out to JMM Director Heather Lerner at [email protected]. 

Thank you for your generosity! 

Thank you to our generous 2023 donors

We deeply appreciate your generosity to the museum. Your contributions are essential to allowing us to offer free educational programs, research projects, unique opportunities for students, and free admission for all visitors.


Aaron Cooney & Camilla Fulvi

Alan C. Simon

Alex D. Eastman

Alexander M. Doyle

Alexandra B. Kuzmishin Nagy

Alice Rushforth & Rock Pulak

Ama Cole

Amy Wanner Jeansonne

Ann Marie Wildman

Anna Ruth Carlson

Ann-Eliza Lewis

Arnold B. Hawk

Asa William Duffee

Ashley Burkhart

Bailey Anne Heinzen

Barbara Metzdorff

Belen Villarreal

Bill Buskirk & Marianne Cope

Black Dog Printing

Borman Living Trust

Brandie Lowe

Breanne Marie Heath

Bruce and Alison Jarvis

Bruce & Doreen Peterson Dimick

Bryan & Molly Emmons Sorrows

Carly E. Monnin

Carrie Seltzer

Carter Chambers

Cathianne Watkins

Charlotte Ashworth

Charlie R. Conrad

Chloe E. Culler

Chris Angell

Cole Moore & Brianna Crawley

Colin Meeks & Diane Hamilton

Cornelius Borman

Dan Wenny

David Cope

David Ferris Curtin

David W. & Katharine J. Carter

Diane Michelle Massey

D. Michael Benson

Donald & Susan Smith Emmons

Dwight Nagy

E. Barthelmess & N. Panshin

Edward and Dorothy S. Churchwell

Eila Ahonen

Eleanor Hudson Weston

Elena R. Suzuki

Elizabeth A. Woolf

Elizabeth Angowski

Elizabeth Ann Nicholson

Elizabeth Talbot

Emerson D. Jakes

Emily Ruth McGrew

Emmett Smith

Eric & Becky Dimick Eastman

Eric Lee Tatar

Frances Klinge

Francois, Tobin, & Jennifer Bronsard

Frank S. Sterrett

George Brooks & Elaine Rivron

Gerardo Vivas & Elizabeth Chase Vivas

Graham Holdings Company

Greg & Marjorie Ward Mahler

Gregory & Allison Conrad

Hannah Cope Richter

Hannah Eleanor Ash Lehmann

Hannah K. Grushon

Heather Phillips

Helen True

Jacob A. Noble

Jacob E. York

Jennie Newman

Jennifer Seely

Jill Yager

JoBeth Jordan

John & Laura Josephson Sheets

John & Sheila Iverson

John D. Stroman

Jonathan D. Todd

Jose Ignacio Pareja & Wendy P. Tori

Joy Conley

Joyce Li

Judith Doty Dumke

Julia Marilyn Freeman

Julie Anne Cole Mecum

Karen Borman

Karen Breece

Karen Chambers

Karin Haflich Hostetter

Kate Young

Katherine Emil

Katherine Lucas

Kathleen Nesbitt-Daly

K. Saar

Kelsey N. Given

Kevin D. & Sara Anne Lamb

Kim E. Goble

Kristen & Jason Lainsbury

Laetitia A. Rakotoarisoa

Laura Dreamspinner

Lauren Schiszik

Lee Ann Swarm

Leila & Timothy Peterson

Len & Mary Jo Clark

Lisa Felsman

McGee Catlett

Martha M. Mullin

Matt Grosso & Carrie Seltzer

Maxwell & Sara Paule

Mayeesha Ahmed

Metzdorff Revocable Trust

Michael & Christine Mulcahy

Michael & Heather Lerner

Michael Goc & Barbara Weade

Michael Henry & Ann Howard

Michael Maslin & Elizabeth Donnelly

Mikhaila Xan Mikel

Millicent Martin Emery

Minda C. Dettman

Molly Christine McMahon

Molly Finch

Molly Rannebarger

Nancy Staub

Nathan R. Lasersohn

Neil & Cathy Borman

Neill & Fannie Kiley

Nicholas John Pondelis

Nichole Kanney

Patricia Cope

Patricia Kelley

Patrick & Sharon Connerly

Paula Z. Ulrich

Peter & Nicole Blair

Philip & Susan Jakes

Rachel H. Riggs

Rachel Lynn Wadleigh

Rachel Ulrich

Rachel Van Schoik

Rebecca C. Haflich

Rebecca Sedam & Eric Parker

Ricardo Aguilar Parada

Richard & Marie Cope Nicholson

Richard & Sandra B. Nakamura

Richard Nakamura

Robin Rachel Eastman

Roger Adkins

Roxanne Steele

Ruohan Jiang

Ruth Eriksson

Ruth Pettee Buskirk

Ruth Sibole Hoham

Ryan Hatch

Sara Elizabeth

Sarah Hasecoster

Sarah Hunt & Todd Crane

Scott Hess & Beth Harrick

Sharon & Ray Ontko

Shonda Lee

Simon Fleck

Stamm Koechlein Family Foundation

St. Henry School – 6th Grade

Stacey L. Wurster

Stephen & Sharon Fleck

Steven & Wendy Smiseck

Steven C. Cleaver

Ted Gilman & Margaret Lechner

Terri Bender Greenwald

The 500 Earth Sciences Club

Timothy Miller & Christina Chambers-Miller

Tobias A. Dean

Tom Duffee & Linda Scutt

Vaishnavi Walade

Thank you also to the generosity of our community
foundations and organization partnerships: 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!
With peace and gratitude,

Heather Lerner, Director
Ann-Eliza Lewis, Collections Manager
Nicole Blair, Museum Education Lead
Trish Brotbeck, JMM/Biology Administrative Assistant
Rachel Ulrich, Museum Outreach & Communications Assistant

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