Book Your Next Meeting at MRL 😜

Free Meeting Rooms at MRL

Book Your Next Meeting at MRL

Long before hybrid workspaces were popular, libraries were the original co-working spaces. Since the global pandemic, libraries are evolving to serve remote and hybrid workers better.


Whether you want to change the scenery for your next Zoom Meeting or prefer not to have your household distractions like your cat walking on camera or the kids making a ruckus, Morrisson-Reeves Library has a Zoom Room. Patrons can book the Zoom Room free of charge for meetings, webinars, and conferences. The room is an individual workspace equipped with a computer, camera, and microphone connecting to Zoom. The private room offers a near soundproofed experience.


Our Zoom Room can accommodate one user but can connect virtually to hundreds of participants. It can be reserved in advance by calling the library or stopping in. Just so you know – staff is ready to help if tech help is needed. The Zoom Room is located in the Research Center, where quieter workspaces and conference rooms are accessible to all.


In addition to free internet and printer access, MRL offers resources aimed at small-business owners and professionals, including additional private workspaces, free computer classes, digital business resources, and meeting rooms. Depending on the meeting room, some require reservations in advance, while others are on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Roxie Deer, Executive Director of Richmond Neighborhood Restoration, uses the library as a quiet space to focus on work projects with limited distractions. She also holds her Board Meetings in the 10-person Conference Room equipped with a SMART board, offering a Board Room experience.


For more information about Meeting Rooms that hold up to 100 people and smaller worker spaces, call the library at 765-966-8291, visit

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