Art at MRL – Come in and explore it!

View Pam Frazier’s art gallery in the Library’s Main Lobby now through March 30.
Amos Lemon Burkhart: You Miss 90% of the Shots You Don’t Take
Now through April 2, 2022
MRL has an interactive artistic hangout spot for you to explore part of this art exhibit on display at the library. The entire art show is offered at the Richmond Art Museum (RAM). Museum entry is free of charge.
This interactive and vibrant exhibit brought to you in cooperation with the Amos Lemon Burkhart Foundation encourages you to wrestle with emotional and mental health through the lens of artwork and asks you to “Stay Alive /Make Art.”
Amos Lemon Burkhart was a driven young artist who created hundreds of paintings, works on paper, digital art, and animations between the ages of 15 and 19. He died tragically at 19, drowning in an accident fueled by a combination of Xanax and alcohol.
He briefly studied life drawing at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and experimental animation at CalArts, as well as in high school art classes. In his own studio in a barn, Lemon restlessly worked to understand and express his own turbulent interior life in images, text, sound, and motion.
Make Public Art
Thursday, March 31, 2022, 6 – 7:30pm
at MRL in the Bard Room
Hands-on, art-making session at MRL
This session is offered in collaboration with Richmond Art Museum’s exhibit, Amos Lemon Burkhart: You Miss 90% of the Shots You Don’t Take.
You’ll create a small, painted canvas square to become part of a local “Chromatic Data Project.” Each canvas square will represent either a strength or a stressor in the life of participating artist-collaborators. Come express yourself, and be part of the larger picture of creative living!
Participants can work at their own pace and may be finished prior to the end time listed for this session. Individual squares will be exhibited as part of RAM’s exhibit until it ends in April of 2022. 
This session has a prerequisite. Please attend Richmond Art Museum’s exhibit. More information can be found here: 
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Art is Wild!
Artist Alison Clark Zajdel created a gorgeous window display at MRL featuring our amazing art books and decided to give it a little Fonda Wilds style. Definitely more “wild” than Alison’s normal designs. She hid a lemon slice (picture) in the window as a tribute to Fonda’s amazing work on Lemonade Day in Richmond.